Hand Made Turkey Calls

Professional Hand Made Turkey Calls

There’s something to be said about good craftsmanship in a turkey call. A good call maker can make sure that every call is made perfectly and that they actually work. When you want a professional-grade hand made turkey call, you should consider Prouty Turkey Calls.


 Prouty Turkey Calls was established in 2005 with the hopes of specializing in high quality friction/pot style hand made turkey calls .  You’ll be blown away with the quality of my calls because I make everything by hand. There is no mass production. I have great attention to detail, and you get to benefit from that.

So many turkey hunters return to us year after year for turkey calls. As turkey hunters we are very selective of the  hand made turkey calls we take with us to the woods.  Thanks to my selection of high-quality lumber and other materials, you’ll hopefully never find yourself replacing a call because of failed craftsmanship or attention to detail.  If  it should happen, I back all my calls with warranty if the problem was caused by me in the process of making the call.

My shop is great for buying gifts for hunters in your family or friend circle. They’ll be able to appreciate the quality of my products, and you’ll love the affordability.  I make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to compromise or settle when it comes to a new turkey call. When you shop with me, you’re buying quality tools for the turkey hunting woods.  

Take a look at the tabs on our site. Visit my online shop, read my story, and see what the buzz is about. Contact us directly through my site, over the phone, or via email today. Find professional hand made turkey calls and much more at Prouty Turkey Calls.